Thursday, November 22, 2007

Vest for Kaylen

I just finished knitting a little pullover vest for Kaylen.
Monkey is modelling it until Kaylen wakes up from her nap to try it on.

I'm a little concerned about the neck hole.... it might be too small. I'm planning on making several more of these so maybe I'll make the next one with just a rolled neck edge.
I'll post pictures on Kaylen's blog when she tries it on. (well, IF she can get it on over her head!!!)
Update: It fits over Kaylen's head... but just barely. Picture on her blog.

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Marlene said...

I know this is Monkey's blog, but couldn't we have a picture of Kaylen in her vest too? Please. I mean Monkey's cute and all, but the vest must fit Kaylen better.