Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fun "Little" Knit

I've got enough done now of Sally the Scarecrow to take a picture.
This pattern is from Jean Greenhowe's Scarecrow Family Booklet.

I'm planning on making the whole Scarecrow family for Kaylen. I was thinking I would have them all done for her 2nd birthday. (she's only 8 months old) These little dolls are a LOT of work!!!

I have the main body finished and now I just need to make arms, clothes, accessories, hair, stuff the body, sew on all the little extra bits and make a face. Oh geez, what have I gotten myself into???

Oh yeah, and one more thing.... Here's a picture of Kaylen's recently finished "Harry Potter" Hogwarts Vest!
In Gryffindor colours of course!


Mom said...

Looks like a very time consuming undertaking --- But oh, so cute! I'm sure she'll love them.

Lorraine said...

Knitting for little ones is so addicting! How adorable the vests are - and practical. Warmth without sleeves to get all gunky and goobery.