Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Okay, so this is totally not knitting-related at all, but definately worth a picture!
We are doing some renovations around the house and one of the main projects is the front and back decks.... both are rotten and leaky. My husband had a couple of his employees come by today and do some demolition to the existing decks. The front deck had a few wasp nests along the railing where the posts were. I told the guys to go ahead and use some wasp killer before they started working... you know, so it wouldn't be scary working around those little wasp nests. (the biggest ones were about 2") As they dismantled the deck and tore up the plywood they uncovered THIS.

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Closer look at the biggest one?

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It's approximately 2 feet by 3 feet. Yeah, um, can you say scary???
Luckily for them, both those nests were empty. They admitted that they had been a little freaked out when they lifted up the plywood. If it had been me, I guarantee I would've jumped off the deck and ran down the street before anyone had a chance to see if there were any wasps in there!

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Maggie Ann said...

That is HUGE and very scary! I had one little sting this week and that is still itching me. I had on a long dress and was outside when a bee flew up under the skirt! At first when I felt movement I thought I imagined it, second time, I was on the back porch and started getting out of that dress FAST...grin. in case you're wondering....I got stung on the side at my waist...guess the dress got to tight for the thing to fly any higher at that point. YOur new porches will be wonderful from the looks of the size of them...happy day.